At All American Scales and Calibration, we are excited to announce the addition 3 products and services as we continue to grow our business to better serve our customers offering the latest in calibration equipment.

IAC Master Scanner


1. IAC MasterScanner XP 16060 Thread Gauge Calibration System

The MasterScanner is the only measuring machine in the world calibrating full automatic all the thread parameters of a part or a gauge in just a minute including comparison of the results with the dimensional tolerances of many popular standards. The MasterScanner is ISO 17025 accredited in many countries.

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Microrep DMS 680 Universal Length Measuring System2. Microrep DMS 680 Universal Length Measuring System

The Microrep Universal Length Measuring System is used for periodic inspection of gages, reference gages, masters, and other gages.

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CDI SURETEST 5000-3 Torque Calibration System

3. CDI SURETEST 5000-3 Torque Calibration System

The SURETEST Model 5000-3 is a laboratory grade instrument which captures torque measurements with a user friendly interface. It features a large LCD graphical display. It may be used with a single transducer or can be used as the principal component of a Torque Calibration System. The SURETEST features versatile data acquisition capabilities including measurement storage, retrieval, statistical analysis and automatic downloading to an external printer/computer.

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