"At All American Scales & Calibration, We Believe Keeping Americans Working Makes America Work."


(listed in alphabetical order by first name)

Adrian (A.J.) Davis

AJ Davis

9 Years of Service

David (Dave) Angione

Dave Angione

26 Years of Service

David Gail

David Gail

Frank Brunk

Frank Brunk

23 Years Service

Jacob Bosler

Jacob Bosler

Jeffery (Jeff) Prevot

Jeff Prevot

23 Years of Service

Jeremy Harwood

Jeremy Harwood

4 Years Service

John (Jake Brake) Holmes

John Holmes

21 Years of Service

Marjorie (Marj) Ewart

Marj Ewart

13 Years of Service

Matthew (Matt) Hill

Matt Hill

22 Years of Service

Megan Moody

Megan Moody

Michael (Mike) Green

Mike Green

19 Years of Service

Patrick A. (Pat) Moody

pat moody

37 Years of Service - Founder

Ronald (Ron) Clinton

Ron Clinton

20 Years of Service - VP Sales

Stefanie (Stef) Higgins

Stefanie higgins

7 Years of Service

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson

Tyler (T-Dog) Moody

Tyler Moody

5 Years of Service